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Positively Patti: Find the Success That Makes YOU Happy

A note from Angela Giles – Co Founder of Everyday Woman TV.  

I am excited to share with you today a little bit about Patti , one of our TV show hosts.

I will tell you something that has helped me get to where I am right now. Apart from nurturing a good mindset and working hard, listen to the people around you! Whether it’s from a coach, a friend, or an inspiring online personality, words and positive energy can help you find that kind of success that makes you happy. Let me introduce you to an amazing woman that can help you out – Patti. 

Positively Patti Will Inspire You to Chase Success

Just like success, encouragement and motivation come in all forms. So if you’re still doubting yourself and having a hard time figuring out your path and the things that will make you happy, you’ll love Patti and her show, Positively Patti. It’s all about happiness, success, and staying true to yourself. 

For Patti, you can be whoever you want to be. So yes, you can be a successful, fulfilled woman if only you’ll allow yourself to be. If you wish to be a coach, you can be one – no one’s stopping you. Turn yourself into a successful coach by using all your life learnings. 

Patti strongly believes that one does not have to have a “Formal Education” to make something of their lives and achieve their life goals. She believes that “Life Education” is more helpful in helping you reach your true dreams and be strong enough to see them through. As a woman who worked her way to the top to gain financial stability and happiness, we can learn several things from her. 

Coaches are made, not born. And Patti can help you be the best coach you can be. Watch her Positively Patti and other Everyday Woman TV shows on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and mobile devices. More platforms are being added soon. Learn more about Everyday Woman TV here.  

Watch Positively Patti’s First Episode Now

Patti created the show because she wants to help more women get the success they want. In her first episode, she talks about embracing her very own success. She shares that it’s perfectly fine for your own SUCCESS to be different from that of other people. As long as you find joy in your success, you’re OK, fulfilled, and happy. 

Each episode of Positively Patti reminds you to take things lightly, enjoy your journey towards success and have fun. Live your life and nurture your success the way you want it. Even Patti has permitted herself to be OK with the fact that her success doesn’t mean having luxury cars, fancy clothes, and a mega-mansion. 

For her, success means having a thriving business and living her life the way she wants it. She is her own boss, managing her business empire while wearing jeans, flip flops and enjoying her time at home. This is the level of success that makes her happy, and that’s OK. 

Everyday Woman: You + Me = Community

Can’t get where you want to be? You’re not alone. Someone out there is going through the same challenges. You need to connect with her. Inspire one another and achieve greater things together! I’ve always felt more encouraged to work when surrounded by people I can learn a lot from, whether it’s about making content, running a business, or personal life experiences. 

Patti and I are part of a bigger community that connects women to inspire one another and learn from each other. Being part of a supportive community gives us a greater purpose and a chance to connect with more people who inspire us. Meeting like-minded people is good not only for business but for our personal growth. 

That’s precisely the reason why my business BFF, Galit Ventura-Rozen, and I created Everyday Woman. To help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women, allowing them to get more clients, grow their brand, and earn more income for their families. We are a collaborative community, joining together to support, inspire, and build each other’s success every day!

Galit and I passionately believe that being part of a community is necessary to achieve the lives every one of us as women are capable of building. We started Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020. We saw the need for support and motivation for women more than ever, and we want to help more women entrepreneurs succeed in their professional and personal lives.

And now we are connecting and inspiring one another on a whole new level. 

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Everyday Woman TV is a channel dedicated to inspiring women through various TV shows hosted and produced by exceptional female entrepreneurs. It debuted its first season on November 1, 2021, with shows inspiring and motivating women business owners to succeed against the odds. 

Our first season is filled with inspiration, encouragement, and learnings from successful women business owners. From a show on mental health care and on finding balance in life to creating business partnerships and achieving a better mindset, there is content for every woman who needs life lessons and business encouragement. 


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