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Nuggets with Nalo Thomas Mitchell: Empower Yourself to Reach Kingdom Purpose

It’s never too late to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Your faith in God, hard work, and the support of your loved ones will take you there! But as with other life goals, gaining motivation and encouragement is easier said than done. Start your journey towards a new life by committing to habits that will improve your relationship with yourself and the Lord. 

A meaningful relationship with God can enrich your life in many ways. The thing is, we tend to set it aside when caught up in the busyness of everyday life. Make a conscious effort to reestablish a strong connection with Him, despite the challenges that may arise.

Nalo Thomas Mitchell’s new show, Nuggets with Nalo, encourages people to explore a better way to live, with Jesus as inspiration. Let her encouraging words help you stay connected to your beliefs and values, so you can find success and strength during the most challenging moments. 

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Spiritual growth is the process of evolving and strengthening our relationship with our Creator. It’s a journey of discovering the depths of our faith, moving closer to God, and moving away from negativity. Traversing the spiritual path is more than just a mental exercise.

It’s like braving the road toward deeper awareness. As we grow spiritually, we better understand our purpose in life and the values that define us as human beings. We become more aware of our actions, emotions, and thoughts. 

We become more grounded, helpful, and compassionate toward others. Eventually, we experience more positive life changes and better handle life’s ups and downs. This is the person He created you to be. A strong woman who can rise above struggles, conflicts, and confusion! 

Trust in God’s plan for you and believe everything will work out as it should. Doing so allows you to open yourselves up to a whole new world of perspectives and possibilities. A blossoming relationship with God leads us to embrace the best versions of ourselves. 

Practice self-reflection, followed by powerful daily prayers. You can pray in different ways, from reading spiritual text to silent meditation. Take time to reflect on your thoughts and behavior to understand yourself better, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and make necessary changes to grow personally and spiritually.

By strengthening our relationship with God and reflecting on what is most important, we can make better life decisions that move us closer to our goals. Yes, success means different things to different people. Whatever your definition of success, having an amazing relationship with Christ can help you achieve it. 

Hold His hand and be a more confident, motivated person destined for life’s sweet successes. Watch Nuggets with Nalo and other Everyday Woman T.V. shows on Amazon Fire T.V., Roku, Android T.V., Apple T.V., and mobile devices. More platforms are being added soon. Learn more about Everyday Woman T.V. here

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Spiritual growth and establishing a relationship with God have immeasurable benefits, and can affect every aspect of our lives. Nuggets With Nalo encourages, inspires and spiritually uplifts women and women who need a spiritual boost. NWN believes that the Bible is given by inspiration of God to instruct His people.

Through this show, you can learn to trust in God’s plan and let go of all the stress, fears and worries. The first episode will make you realize that you are fearfully and wonderfully made for Kingdom Purpose. Join Nuggets with Nalo to get a jump start with joy, love and laughter. 

Nalo Thomas Mitchell is a wife, mother, and international bestselling author. This anointed woman believes in empowering others to reach Kingdom Purpose. She desires to motivate women who are down and out, lost, depressed, or suffering from low self-esteem and set them free from affliction.

Prophetess Nalo wants to let women know there is a better way to live their lives; because Jesus is, The way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. She understands that every chain and yoke of bondage can be broken in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

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Everyday Woman: Empower Yourself and Others to Grow Spiritually

Surround yourself with amazing people to stay motivated, encouraged, and inspired in your spiritual journey. It’s true what they say. You become like the people you spend the most time with. When you surround yourself with spiritually focused friends, you adopt their beliefs and attitudes toward life.

Meeting new people can broaden your understanding of the world and contribute to personal and professional success. So go out there, attend seminars and conferences, and join new communities with positive, spiritually focused individuals. You never know who you might meet and what opportunities may arise when you expand your social circle. 

My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. We’re here to support women in growing their businesses and improving their personal lives. 

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The Everyday Woman TV shows cultivate healthy relationships with our inner selves, others, and God. Learn from and connect with new people for personal growth, opportunities and happiness.


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