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Everyday Woman Story

Hi, we are Angela Giles and Galit Ventura-Rozen, and together, we founded Everyday Woman in the height of the pandemic in 2020. We passionately believe community is necessary in order to achieve the lives each and every one of us as women are capable of building. We saw the need for support, motivation, and the tools to help women business owners succeed against the odds.

The Women Behind The Inspiration of each Show

Galit Ventura-Rozen

Co-Founder - Everyday Woman

Galit Ventura-Rozen,M.A. is a High Performance Business Success Sales Expert, Author of The Successful Woman’s Mindset and 25+ year entrepreneur. She is a well-known speaker on the topics of leadership, real estate, business and the successful mindset. She currently owns and operates Commercial Professionals and Empowering U.

Angela Giles

Co-Founder - Everyday Woman

Angela Giles comes to Everyday Woman with over 19 years of experience as a businesswoman as an author, speaker and consultant. As a boy mom of 3, Angela knows how it feels to try to juggle a successful business and a family – that’s why she is passionate about helping independent entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals accelerate their businesses to maximize profits and increase their bottom line.

Arlene Rivera

Founder - The Arlene Inspires Organization

Arlene is a Speaker, Legislative Consultant, Author and an Intuitive/Medium Coach. She created The Arlene Inspires Organization to offer a safe space to heal, empower and uplift. Arlene is a uniquely talented and gifted individual who left her career in the private sector, broadcasting, politics, and government to help make an even bigger impact on humanity.

Lollo Molander


Lollo Molander, an executive creative strategist and speaker that helps hustling entrepreneurs unleash boundless brilliance so they can excel in life and business. For over 20 years she’s been supporting leaders and their teams to take responsibility for their life and goals and equip them with the tools to achieve those outcomes in half the time and without exhaustion.

Jenae Reid

Speaker, Author and a Mindset Coach

Jenae is a Speaker, Author and a Mindset Coach. She works with female entrepreneurs and coaches to build a bold and brave business from empowerment.

Patti Allred

Founder - #COINS "Clear Online Income Now System

Patti is a strong believer in understanding that one does not have to have a “Formal Education” to make something of their lives and achieve their life goals. She believes that “Life Education” is more helpful in helping you reach your true dreams and be strong enough to see them through.

Leslie Mitchell

Co -Founder

Leslie T Mitchell is a world renowned, corporate entrepreneur, certified life coach consultant, licensed realtor, speaker, trainer and author. She is the CEO and Founder of MindWork Solutions, a global training and development consulting firm, for Fortune 500 companies, working with companies such as General Electric, Verizon Wireless, Prudential, NextEra Energy and more.

Laura Borland

Co -Founder

Laura Borland, helps people overcome major adversity such as loss of divorce in six weeks or less. She’s the creator of Glum to Glad, a 40-day Mind Transformations, an evidence journaling framework which is the world’s only that combines writing with quality engineering principles to measure and track improvement.

Michelle Perkins

Mindset Coach

Michelle Perkins is a Mindset & Leadership Expert, Coach for Professional Women and a Best-Selling Author. For over 15 years she has helped leaders at all levels maximize their performance through personal and professional growth. She has worked with countless individuals and organizations, empowering them to be courageous leaders with the goal to inspire their people and create an impact.

Tara Sauvage

Fashion Designer & Startup Consultant

Tara started in the fashion industry as a footwear designer for a Chinese company in East Los Angeles. Her career took her on a journey of designing leather bags and belts for high-profile fashion brands. After 15 years of designing handbags and fashion accessories for corporate brands, Tara launched her own private label design business, Sauvage Private Label.

Aga Sandhu

Personal Development and Transformation Coach

Aga Sandhu is a professional model, a Best-Selling Author, a Personal Development and Transformation Coach and an RTT Certified Hypnotherapist. Aga’s life has changed dramatically since starting her Professional Development Journey and she is passionate about helping others to live without traumas, limitations, limited beliefs and to live a life full of abundance, freedom, and joy.

Sarita Rodriguez

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Ayurvedic Specialist | RYT 200 | Owner of Recalibrate Wellness

Sarita Rodriguez is the creator of the Growing With Gus show and owner of Recalibrate Wellness. A virtual holistic health and wellness center where she works with clients across the country in guiding them on preventative healthcare, holistic nutrition, and practical lifestyle management.

Talya Pardo

Editor, Writing Coach, Life Coach, and Senior Editor

Talya Pardo is the founder of PHOENIX RISING MENTORING & EDITING, an Editor, Writing Coach, Life Coach, and Intuitive Mentor.

Cherie Faus-Smith

Author, Speaker and Coach

Cherie Faus-Smith is an author, speaker, and a midlife courage coach. She inspires women to reinvent themselves by doing courageous things.

Zahra Khakoo

Widow, Mother, Author, Public Speaker and Financial Coach

Zahra Khakoo is a Widow, Mother, Author, Public Speaker and Financial Coach

Letha Goodman

Community Activist

Letha Goodman is a community activist, who’s goal is to have an insightful impact on every person she comes in contact with.

Hope Long

Coach, Blogger, and Social Media Marketing Expert

Self-Improvement Coach, Blogger, and Social Media Marketing Expert

Lori Kranenburg

Coach and Author

Lori Kranenburg is a leadership coach, co-author of The Smart Girl Revolution, and brings 30+ years of experience coaching and mentoring women.

Lisa Hernandez

Transformation Life Coach, Real Estate Advisor, Speaker, Artist and Best-selling Author.

Lisa is a mom, transformation life coach, real estate advisor, speaker, artist and best-selling author. She resides in Miami, FL.

Tatyana Gann

Inspirational Writer, Author, Women's Advocate and Transformational Coach.

The show hosted by Tatyana Gann, an inspirational writer, author, women’s advocate and transformational coach.

Vicki Viccora

Business Strategist and Empower Coach

I work with female entrepreneurs and coaches that feel overwhelmed with their businesses and set up systems while having fun stepping into being a CEO

Helen Vella

Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Energy Healing, Creative Mind Mappin Networking and Communication Specialist+ Author Speaker

Helen has prided herself as a trusted resource with the community, from CEOs and Executives to their children.  Helen expertly creates a safe space for authenticity making resounding, forward-growth in the lives of each individual with whom she works.  They become more valuable and integral assets in the community, career, self, & family.

Maralana Shindelbower

Motivational Trainer, Confidence Coach, and Founder of Go. Do. Be® Empowering Life

Plus Size, Confidence Coach, and founder of Go. Do. Be she creates community and inspires woman of size to find their Confidence through adventure.

Dileesa Archer

Vocal Coach, Speaker and Founder

Dileesa is a world-renowned vocal coach, recording artist, speaker, and owner of Dileesa’s Vocal Academy.

Erica Latrice

Speaker, Author and Media Expert

Erica Latrice is on a mission to help you understand your purpose and live the life that God has created you to live! She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Prevention, Woman’s Day and many other media outlets empowering others to stop playing small and start living their dreams!

She is a Speaker , Published Author and has served as a media expert on platforms alongside some of the top producers in television, radio and print media worldwide.

This is more than a career; Erica’s tenacity, spiritual walk and commitme

Andrea Mack

Transformational Speaker, Certified Coach

Andrea is a wife, mother, daughter, recovered alcoholic and Certified Coach.  Andrea is helping people get their lives back by sharing her story.