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Do you struggle with thinking you are enough?  Why are you so quick to tell someone you love they are amazing, but not yourself?  In this episode Angela and Galit tackle these questions and more.  You will learn to embrace your value, know your worth and how to finally believe and embrace that YOU are enough.


Do you try to fit in, but always feel like something just isn’t right?  Do you sometimes feel like the outcast in the group?  What if instead of thinking you are different than everyone else, your perspective is, I am uniquely me?  In this episode Galit and Angela talk about their own unique gifts, characteristics and how growing up they felt like they didn’t fit in.  But today how they embrace that is what makes them unique each in their own way.


Is there something you want in your life right now but fear others won’t approve?  Do you feel pressured by the “Normal” way of things in life to stay in the box of comfort you are in today?  Imagine doing what you want everyday that makes you happy and fulfilled.  In this episode, Angela and Galit talk about how they finally found their path and how they dealt with others not always agreeing and how you can too


What comes to mind when you think of a hero?  Who do you think of when you think of who your hero is?  More than likely you didn’t think of yourself.  In this episode Angela and Galit talk about how they learned first and foremost they must be their own hero and how you can start believing and knowing you are your own hero too.


Do you work hard?  Do you sometimes feel like working hard is the only way to get what you want? Or maybe you feel like you work hard and are getting nowhere?  Galit and Angela talk about the lessons they have learned through working hard to get where they are today.  Plus ways you can put all that hard work to good use and have the life and things you want for yourself and those you love.


Watch our interview with Leslie Mitchell


Is there a friend, sister, daughter, mother that you empower?  Do you feel driven to find a way to empower other women?  In this episode Angela and Galit discuss how every woman has an experience that can inspire, motivate and empower another woman.  That even the smallest gesture, show of kindness, compassion can empower someone else and in turn empower you.


Watch our interview with Lianne Haynes-Smith


Has someone made a difference in your life even in the smallest way?  Do you desire to make a difference in this world or in someone’s life?  There are many ways to give back in your community, your life or online.  If you have a desire to make a difference in this world you will enjoy this episode where Galit and Angela talk about how they are making a difference and how you can too, even in the smallest way.


Watch our interview with Lovely LaGuerre


Have you gone through something in your life that was a challenge? Have you overcome obstacles?  Are you maybe experiencing those challenges right now?  You are not alone and more than likely someone else in this world has experienced a similar challenge as you. In this episode Angela and Galit share their own challenges and how you can overcome your challenges and obstacles.


Watch our interview with Michelle Perkins

About Everyday Woman

Hi, we are Angela Giles and Galit Ventura-Rozen, and together, we founded Everyday Woman in the height of the pandemic in 2020. We passionately believe community is necessary in order to achieve the lives each and every one of us as women are capable of building. We saw the need for support, motivation, and the tools to help women business owners succeed against the odds.