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Growing With Gus features Augustine Breese, a young jiu-jitsu grey belt that is smart, witty and full of curiosity! He shares his lifestyle that is focused on healthy living and managing wellness with the help of his Mom, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Ayurvedic Specialist, Yoga Instructor and owner of Recalibrate Wellness.

Join him on his adventures where you will be inspired to try something new, something healthy, something fun!

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Help Kids Fight Through Fear & Anxiety

Help Kids Fight Through Fear & Anxiety

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Healthy Snacking and Meal Planning

Healthy Snacking and Meal Planning

Are you overwhelmed with trying to get your kids and family to eat healthier? Are you searching for ways on how to make meal planning easy for you? Join Gus and his special guest Chef Josue as they show you how to make healthy, tasty snacks kids will love! Special bonus tips on meal planning from Gus' mom, Sarita, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Eating healthy, or maintaining your diet plan with a family no longer has to be a challenge!

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Sarita Rodriguez is the creator of the Growing With Gus show and owner of Recalibrate Wellness. A virtual holistic health and wellness center where she works with clients across the country in guiding them on preventative healthcare, holistic nutrition, and practical lifestyle management.

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