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The WREN channel (show) is accessible, peer-driven, and informative. We aim to connect, educate, inform, and advocate for women to take action through collaborative real estate affiliations and alliances. We’re better together!

We’ll show you that there are opportunities for everyone no matter where you’re starting from.
Learn the skills that can help you raise capital and find partners
Understand how your network becomes your networth
Create relationships and partnerships that show the power of collaboration

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About Liza Rogers

For 25 years Liza has been passionately involved in what is now being called “the cohousing movement”. Liza’s deep and diverse background in tourism and events has included leading groups on world-famous European river cruises, managing Eco guesthouses in Bondi Beach Australia, and being employed by two Olympic Games. On her journey she discovered everything about financing, joint ventures, and buying real estate. Liza has a wealth of information and wisdom about real estate sectors both inside and outside Canadian borders. As the Founder and Leader of WREN, Liza feels compelled to provide opportunities for others, especially women, to find their own creative and collaborative ways to learn about and prosper from real estate and related markets. She is currently in the process of purchasing a portfolio of investment properties with a group of women and has just partnered on the purchase 150 acres of subdividable land near Victoria, BC.