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Nuggets With Nalo, NWN is a show that seeks to encourage, inspire and spiritually uplift women (and men) who need a spiritual boost. NWN believes that the Bible is given by inspiration of God to instruct His people.

As this dynamic Woman of God ministers with Nuggets downloaded from Heaven, she desires to motivate women who are down and out, lost, depressed or those who suffer from the spirit of low self-esteem and or addiction and see them set free from all bondage and affliction. She wants to let women know there is a better way to live their life; because Jesus is, The way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. She understands that every chain and yoke of bondage can be broken in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Join Nuggets with Nalo to get a jump start with joy, love and laughter!

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Nalo Thomas Mitchell

Prophetess Nalo ~ Wife, Mother, International Best-Selling Author. This anointed woman believes in empowering others to reach Kingdom Purpose.

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