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Are you interested in your personal and professional development? In this show, you are going to gain valuable knowledge from experts in self-improvement and mindset, as well as belong to an incredible group of women who are on the exact same journey. Are you ready to grow? Let’s talk about it!

Featured Episodes




Interview with Tannis Babos: Personal Development coach, author, and international speaker.


Interview with Susanne Baumbach: Consultant at the Proctor-Gallagher Institute


Interview with Maria McGrath – Creatrix Transformologist specializing in generational trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief, co-author of 2 Best Sellers, and genius when it comes to the female mind.


Interview with Daphne Reznik: After spending 30 years in corporate, Daphne lost her job due to the pandemic. Since then, she has created her own destiny and ditched the 9-5.


Interview with Renea Linsom
Renea is a published author, blogger, and has overcome many struggles.
She has taken her strife and turned toward helping other women and has a desire to inspire!


Interview with Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark is a Business Coach for Moms
In this episode, we discuss the importance of doing the hard things and taking massive imperfect action!


Interview with Benny Gallo
Benny Gallo is a fitness coach, specializing in finding the root of our diet and exercise dilemmas. The food is not the problem, it’s your relationship WITH the food.


Interview with Lydia Knorr
Health and Wellness Education, co-author, and motivational speaker
Lydia has overcome extreme grief, and in the midst of despair, found gratitude. Her life changed forever.


Interview with Caroline Wong: Multi-faceted entrepreneur, creative, and down-to-earth Mama. Caroline’s Podcast: Tride and Tru With Caroline


Interview with Marnie Wills: serial entrepreneur, professional athlete, and fitness coach. We’re talking about power habits for high-achieving women! (Yes, that’s you, biz queen!)

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