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Cherie Faus-Smith’s Midlife Is A Fickle Bitch: How to Cope with Midlife Crisis

As we age, we get overwhelmed by challenges more intimidating than those we experienced when we were younger. The changes can be sad and upsetting, from feelings of helplessness to loss of interest in the hobbies we used to enjoy. So if you’re around 40 to 65 and feel somewhat restless and disconnected from the world, you’re not alone! 

To be young and carefree is terrific, but that doesn’t mean that getting older is miserable and boring! Many people go through this phase. We contemplate the validity of our relationships. We question the progress of our careers and our achievements as parents, spouses, and friends. 

Midlife crisis is still not recognized as an official medical diagnosis. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no way of dealing with these dramatic life experiences, feelings, and behavior. Don’t let your age stop you from doing great things!

Midlife coach, author, and speaker Cherie Faus-Smith helps women embrace their aging selves and their new purpose in life. Through her show, Midlife Is A Fickle Bitch, she uplifts and supports people, so they can let go of emotional distress and survive midlife blues. 

Reinvent yourself by doing courageous things

Congratulations, you’ve reached the central part of your life! You’re alive, with some beautiful achievements from the yesteryears. Now, you’re having a difficult time adjusting to your new reality. All of the changes around you can bring about complex emotions that force you to step back from what you used to love. 

So how do you give yourself a fresh start? Embrace your struggles. That’s the first step to gaining complete control of the situation. Hold your head up high, take a deep breath, and smile. Then, talk to yourself – “I can do it!” This simple gesture is good for you! 

Fully acknowledge the situation and start to take control of yourself. Your kids and loved ones are out there, chasing their dreams. It’s time to pursue yours. Discover new favorites and hobbies outside your comfort zone!  

Are you still having a difficult time? Don’t worry. You’ll soon overcome this midlife situation by learning to love yourself and by accepting a little help from a new friend. Each episode of Midlife Is A Fickle Bitch can help you set new goals, so you can commit to a more fulfilling routine at this point in your life. YES, even better than you were in your 20s!

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Watch Midlife is a Fickle Bitch’s First Episode Now

In the first episode of Midlife is a Fickle Bitch, Cherie shares tips and tricks on how you can thrive at this stage in your life. After surviving three abusive relationships and cancer, she knows what it’s like to be courageous. She’ll also be interviewing other women embracing midlife with sass, fire, guts, and spunk.

Let’s be honest. Midlife is full of so many challenges. We need the inspiration to lift ourselves. It’s ok to feel scared and worried for a while. After all, it’s a chaotic transition that entirely changes your lifestyle. But along the way, you need to fix your mindset. No matter how old you are, open your heart to new experiences, opportunities, and sources of happiness. 

Cherie is with Everyday Woman for important reasons. She helps us acknowledge our fears and see the bright side of aging. She’s here not only for great advice but also for comic relief. Midlife is a Fickle Bitch is meant to inspire you to feel fear, do what you love, and live unapologetically.

Cherie Faus-Smith is an author, speaker, and midlife courage coach. She shares her experiences as a domestic abuse thriver, melanoma cancer survivor, and being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder to empower women in their 50s. She helps them ditch their midlife funk, push past their comfort zones, and build confidence. It’s time to embrace your now. Live your life on your terms and be your absolute best. 

Watch the Midlife is a Fickle Bitch TV Show Now

Everyday Woman: Get Support and Inspiration from a Wonderful People

Things will soon get better. It all starts with you but can never end with just you. You have to share your thoughts and feelings with a supportive circle. Establish better relationships with your family and friends. Moreover, enjoy the companionship of a supportive group of people. 

You may think that spending time with your husband and siblings is more than enough. But to further strengthen your support system, you have to seek more inspiration and encouragement from other successful, like-minded people. Being part of a new community and sharing your feelings with new friends can help make you feel less alone and more motivated. 

The ladies of Everyday Woman are here to support you in the most difficult moments. My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. We’re here to help other women grow their brands, earn extra income, and improve their personal lives. 

Together with Cherie, we’re here to inspire you, motivate you, and listen to your beautiful ideas!

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