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Dr. Paulette Harper’s Now Faith Is… Where Faith, Books and Business Collide: The Magic of Faith in Life and Business

Have faith in yourself and successfully navigate life’s most difficult challenges! Faith is the foundation of all human endeavors, inspiring us to achieve our goals even in the face of adversity. Whether we’re working on our personal or professional goals, it’s true that challenges can leave us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated. 

So how do we go on when the road ahead seems long and uncertain? Having faith can make all the difference. It is precisely during these times that our faith can be most valuable! Faith is the fuel that can keep us going, even when we feel like giving up. Keep moving forward with faith, hope, and determination. 

We’ve got this! Dr. Paulette Harper, through her new show “Now Faith Is… Where Faith, Books, and Business Collide,” brings about wonderful stories of faith that inspire people to learn, improve and emerge stronger on the other side. Learn more about how your faith can fuel the road to business success. 

Have Faith and Become More Fulfilled and Successful

Every day, people face various challenges that test their resilience and perseverance. Whether it’s managing a busy schedule, dealing with the demands of family life, or facing unexpected business setbacks, life can be tough at times. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose hope, especially when we don’t see any immediate solutions.

Many struggle to balance their work commitments with their family responsibilities, leading to guilt, frustration, and burnout. Moreover, some struggle to cope with their daily routine due to lack of self-confidence and self-belief.

How can you achieve your full potential if you’re having a hard time believing in yourself and your abilities? This can be particularly difficult when facing rejection or setbacks. In addition to these challenges, people experience external factors that impact their faith and belief in themselves.

For example, they may be surrounded by negative influences or faced with unexpected issues that leave them feeling disillusioned and hopeless. When this happens, it can be easy to lose faith in themselves and the world around them. Despite the challenges, always remember that there is hope. Have faith in yourself!

Having faith means believing in something greater than ourselves. For some, that may mean having faith in God. For others, it may mean having faith in themselves or the universe. Regardless of the object of faith, having faith can inspire us to have courage, encouragement, and success in life.

Faith is all about believing in the power of possibility. When people have faith in themselves and a higher power, they are better equipped to face problems with courage and determination! With faith as your guide, you can achieve long-term business success and improve your personal life.

Take the time to quiet your mind and focus on your thoughts to clarify your values. Also, read books and connect with others to gain new perspectives. By seeking guidance from God and the people around us, we can achieve the strength and wisdom we need to move forward with confidence. Have faith, and everything else will follow!

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Believe in yourself and in God, and know that you are capable of great things! Faith is a powerful force that can give us the strength to face our fears, the courage to take risks, and the hope to keep going even when things get tough. However, faith doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and practice to develop.

Now Faith Is… Where Faith, Books, and Business Collide offers valuable insights to people who want to strengthen their faith, gain more inspiration, and transform their lives. Dr. Paulette Harper interviews authors, coaches, and speakers and shares how faith plays a crucial part in their everyday lives, how their books impact, and the difference faith makes in their businesses.

In the first episode, Dr. Paulette interviews Gwendolyn Tucker, the president of RIX International and founder of Scale Your Pay Academy. They discuss how the gender pay gap affects women and how women can position themselves in the workplace to get the salary they deserve. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about life, faith, and business!

Dr. Paulette Harper is a thirteen-time best-selling, award-winning author, creative story coach, leader in the literary marketplace, and pastor. Her work focuses on helping people find their purpose and overcome obstacles through faith and personal development. She is a mentor and role model to women, helping them discover their potential and achieve their dreams.

Dr. Paulette has spoken at conferences and events worldwide, inspiring audiences with her message of faith, courage, and transformation. Watch her show to discover the power of faith and how it can propel your business and personal life to success.

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Everyday Woman: Face life’s Challenges With Faith, Courage and Strength

Being part of a community allows us to be authentic and genuine and to share our struggles with people who understand and support us. When we are part of a supportive circle, we learn from others’ experiences and lend a helping hand to those who need it.

What’s even more amazing is that being around like-minded individuals can help us strengthen our faith. Surround yourself with people who share the same beliefs, so you can constantly remind yourself of your values and principles. Together, we can gain a sense of belonging and feel loved and supported! 

We’re here to support women in growing their businesses and improving their personal lives. My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. 

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