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Talya Pardo’s Soul Speak: Start Your Healing Journey Today

Are you feeling stressed, down, and incomplete? At some point, you would want to hide until you pull yourself together. When bad things happen, you can help but think about your battles repeatedly until you realize that you’ve already been hiding at home for months or even years, sad and unproductive!

Remember that there are people out there who want to help you in the best ways possible. Healing is better when done with people close to your heart or those experiencing the same struggles. You can discover new interests and speed up your recovery with a good support system. Should you learn how to paint? Is it a great idea to join a choir group in the local community? 

Pursue new passions and interests. Why not read more books and eventually encourage yourself to write your own thoughts and experiences? Then, if you want, you can share your works with others, helping them muster motivation and inspiration, so they can do kind things for themselves, too. 

Engaging in meaningful activities, such as creative pursuits, is crucial to rediscover your strengths and restore the old you. It’s one way of healing since you learn how to embrace your abilities and appreciate the results of your hard work. As you connect with new friends and find a creative common ground, you find out that you’re not alone in your battles. 

There are awesome individuals who can take you out of the darkness and help you get back the lost parts of your soul, making you feel complete and happy again. At times, you don’t even have to leave your home to feel safe, seen, and comforted. Even from your TV screens, Talya is here to guide you throughout your healing journey. 

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Watch Soul Speak’s First Episode Now

In Soul Speak, Talya talks about personal growth, overcoming dysfunctional patterns, spiritual awakening, and the paths we walk to discover our true selves. Each episode features stories of the soul through interviews with inspiring healers, leaders, and mentors. 

She’ll also be talking to authors about how their books reflect the stories their souls want to tell. So if you’re having a rough time and determined to restore balance in your life, this show is for you! 

In the first episode, Talya speaks with Dhiana Sage Barnes, the CEO of Mindful Living Studio. Dhiana went from a high school dropout to a higher education professional, guiding and working with professionals from all walks of life in lifestyle management, personal transformation and executive functioning guidance. 

They talk about her experiences and the evolution of her career, the concepts of the universe and energy, spirituality, and the journey to awakening.

Talya Pardo is the founder of Phoenix Rising Mentoring & Editing and senior editor of White Rose Magazine. She’s not just a writing coach. She’s also a life coach helping people with lifestyle management and personal transformation. 

Talya is an inspiration to everyone who wants to leap into success from a depressive, unmotivated state. She is dedicated to supporting her clients throughout the rewiring and healing process, using various methods such as habit habit creation, inner child work, trauma awareness, and neuro-linguistic shifts.

Watch the Soul Speak TV Show Now

Everyday Woman: Connect with Others to Heal Your Soul

Healing a broken soul takes time and self-compassion. It can’t be rushed. Spend a bit of time alone if you must acknowledge your feelings. But eventually, pick yourself up and drive on. In the direst situations, many seek refuge in new hobbies and in the loving company of family and friends. That’s the best thing to do. 

Aside from uncovering new passions, turn your attention toward others. Spend time with your loved ones and regularly nurture great relationships with new people! The ladies of the Everyday Woman community have gone through the same struggles and have emerged stronger and more successful than ever. 

My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. We’re here not only to support women grow their businesses but also in improving their personal lives. 

Let us hold your hand as you complete your healing journey. Together with Talya and the rest of the ladies, we’re excited to meet you and help you reconnect with the world as a stronger, more successful, and fulfilled woman.

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The shows on the Everyday Woman TV channel are created for women by women who want to be successful and happy in every part of their lives. Let each episode in this channel contribute to your healthy life transformation. 


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