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Lori Kranenburg’s Dreams and Ladders: What We Can Do About Gender Inequality

Landing their dream jobs and getting the pay they deserve is almost impossible for many women. The world is constantly evolving, but women working their way to the top, in whatever field, still experience difficulties their male counterparts are not even aware of. 

Gender bias is real and inescapable. It happens in various industries, particularly among women in business and the corporate world. Imagine being a highly capable, experienced professional with decades of experience in her craft, yet unable to reach even half of her goals because of her gender. 

If you’re one of those ladies trying to succeed in a male-dominated profession, the show Dreams and Ladders is for you. Because of the many barriers you’re facing as a woman, you’re probably feeling down and unable to make some significant progress in your career and business. Lori Kranenburg can provide you with the inspiration you need to fight every obstacle and reach your goals!

Women in Business: Embrace Your Voice and Potentials 

Men no longer run the world of business…. Alone. Women are rapidly catching up, starting valuable businesses that can be worth millions in a few years. In the U.S., there are 12.3 million women-owned businesses, generating $1.8 trillion a year. Women own around 40% of U.S. businesses. 

Female entrepreneurs and employees are gradually earning their hard-earned places in their respective fields. However, millions more struggle to reach even a fraction of their goals. Several others are discouraged from starting their own companies due to lack of resources and opportunities.

Some may have enough capital and time but don’t have enough motivation to start something big. If you’re one of these ladies, I couldn’t blame you. Women are usually pushed aside, sidelined, and suppressed in dynamic work environments. Many are also discriminated against when they prioritize family matters over work. 

You can thrive and become a credible business leader in this world dominated by men! Yes, there is something you can do to achieve that. First, continue to voice out your concerns in uncomfortable environments.

Empower yourself to get comfortable in a place that constantly challenges you. Instead of bringing you down, these difficulties must empower you to fight for what you deserve. You’re not alone in this fight. Lori is here whenever you need guidance and support. 

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Watch Dreams and Ladders First Episode Now

Dreams and Ladders’ mission is to help women be recognized as leaders in their chosen fields. In this show, Lori interviews female leaders in male-dominated professions to find out the challenges they faced and how they overcame the obstacles along the way. She provides ladies with advice on taking ownership of their careers and becoming recognized as leaders in their fields.

In the first episode, Lori discusses why the company was formed, some challenges women face in male-dominated professions, and steps you can take on your journey if you’re striving for a leadership position.

Lori Kranenburg is a leadership coach, co-author of The Smart Girl Revolution and brings 30+ years of experience coaching and mentoring women. She works with promising, hardworking ladies who want to accelerate their careers WITHOUT the frustration and burnout of having no guidance and support.

Like most female professionals, Lori has spent her entire life working in male-dominated industries. Now, she’s using the knowledge and skills she has gained to help more women succeed and lead. 

Watch the Dreams and Ladders Show Now

Everyday Woman: Let’s Achieve Our Dreams Together

Acknowledge that gender inequality and discrimination exist. If we continue to raise awareness and endure the challenges we go through every day, closing the gap is possible. It’s not easy, I know! From the pay gap to sexist views, going through these is troubling and infuriating.

This situation can affect our mental and emotional health and take a toll on our relationships. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out. Fortunately, there are people who can support us in this battle. So when you’re feeling down, spend time with your loved ones and continue to meet new people you can gain inspiration from. 

My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. We’re here not only to support women grow their businesses but also in improving their personal lives. So let’s follow our dreams together in a male-dominated world. 

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