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Eva Jenkins’ Bee Golden: Let Your Real Self Shine

Our fears are just some of the many obstacles we encounter in our lives, preventing us from becoming the best version of ourselves. Fear of being judged, rejection, abandonment, and the unknown. These feelings hold us back and cause us to hide our genuine selves in the darkness. As a result, we struggle with self-authenticity and lose so many good life opportunities. Face your fears to uncover your true, motivated, successful self! 

Uncover Your Genuine Self

Conquer your fears rather than push them into the deepest corners of your mind. The more you hide them, the more they dictate your thoughts and actions. This leads to endless worries and delays in significant, positive life changes. Facing them requires you to go through a painful experience, but it’s worth it. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and its physical distancing strategies separated people from their social support systems, intensifying feelings of loneliness and isolation. This situation was even more concerning for those who were already going through mental distress even before the restrictions. 

The problem is many still find it hard to return to normal activities. Gone are our fears of contracting an illness, yet what plague us today are the fears associated with starting anew and coming out of our shells. Most of us want a smooth, flawless start but are immobilized with apprehension.

Acknowledge the negativity stopping you from opening up, connecting with others, and achieving your dreams. Now is the right time! If you want to start a new business, but your fear of failure is stopping your plans, take things slow to gather the motivation you need. You don’t have to be perfect. Just be happy and live an authentic life! 

Take comfort in good friendships. Reach out to your closest friends and mentors who have gone through similar challenges. Ask for advice and emulate the things you love about them. Make this a part of your detailed wellness action plan to overcome your fears!

Inspiring conversations can help you unleash your authentic self, free from fear and worries. Most of the time, empowerment will come to you, even from people you don’t know (yet!). Eva’s new show, “Bee Golden,” encourages people to gain a better life perspective and take small but impactful steps toward mental wellness and authenticity. 

Eva will hold your hand as you go through this journey. Watch Bee Golden and other Everyday Woman TV shows on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and mobile devices. More platforms are being added soon. Learn more about Everyday Woman TV here

Watch Bee Golden’s First Episode Now

In the first episode of Bee Golden, Eva shares insights on the ‘masks we wear’ that tend to cover up our genuine selves. She hopes you uncover what has been hidden and let your true self shine. Show them who you are and gain more confidence. 

Change is inevitable. However, disasters, accidents, and other awful things don’t take away our choices. We are still capable of pushing ourselves in the right direction. Don’t hide and protect yourself any longer. Remove the mask, embrace vulnerability and enjoy a stronger connection with others. 

Bee Golden is for everyone who wants to improve every aspect of their lives for greater happiness and fulfillment. When you let your true self shine, you get to nurture your mental and emotional health and, at the same time, enjoy more meaningful connections. Each episode offers inspiration to conquer life’s difficulties and boost self-love. 

Watch Bee Golden Now

Everyday Woman: Let’s Help Each Other Shine

It’s no secret that our social circles become smaller and smaller as we age. We get busier, unable to take on new interests and focus on self-improvement. But no matter how satisfied you are with your life, connecting with like-minded people is crucial to ensure a healthy heart and mind. 

Be part of an incredible community for further support and encouragement. The experience will give you a more profound sense of belonging and a source of accountability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pursuing personal or professional goals. Being part of a beautiful circle is fun and can empower you in times of adversity. 

My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I founded Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. Everyday Woman is a collaborative community dedicated to assisting people in living a more fulfilling, happier life. Together with Eva, we are here to support, inspire and build each other’s successes. 

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We established Everyday Woman TV for women who need inspiration and learnings from other successful female business owners. So whether you’re trying to restore balance in your life or strengthen business partnerships, there is a show for you. Each episode creates a positive impact on one’s emotional and mental wellness! 


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