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Finding your way through mindfulness and success can be difficult in a world plagued with anxiety, loneliness, and uncertainty. Give your body, mind, and heart some rest from time to time. Make mindfulness exercises a part of your everyday life for a healthier headspace, life-changing realizations, and a successful business. 

When you’re exhausted, it becomes harder for you to function and communicate with the people around you. From walking outdoors and embracing nature to meditation, there are countless ways to achieve mindfulness and, eventually, success in every aspect of your life. 

Alchemy can also be the key to mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-discovery. It’s a unique avenue to nurture calmness and positivity and create order in your life. This ancient practice can help you reach your full potential and be a successful entrepreneur. 

Suzi Edwards’ new show, Alchemy TV, introduces you to alchemy and how it can help you heal your soul, improve yourself and achieve long-term business success. It sounds so simple, yet so tricky to practice! With Suzi’s guidance, you can take advantage of the ideas and tools needed to transform your life. 

Engage in Everyday Spiritual Practices

Alchemy, the precursor of modern-day chemistry and philosophy, is the study of transforming substances into another, such as lead into gold. It was said to be practiced by people who wanted to gain material wealth and immortality. But alchemy goes beyond that.

Spiritual alchemy allows us to transform our own realities, helping us live in the moment and connect with everyone and everything around us. This results in happiness, creativity, mindfulness, and calmness from within. It’s about breaking boundaries to free yourself from your fears and self-defeating thoughts.  

Once you achieve inner transformation, you gain soul-centered awareness and embrace your highest self. Find your gold by realizing your full potential! Back then, people from all walks of life were attracted to alchemy, from spiritual gurus and philosophers to kings and queens. 

In your own way, you can be a queen and take on the world in your way! Even if you’re not yet interested in becoming an alchemist, at some point, you’ll still go through a spiritual and self-development journey similar to what they experience. Consider it a spiritual wellness practice that can eventually lead you to the business success you have always wanted.

As with meditation, there are various ways to practice spiritual alchemy. The first step is to focus on things that will gradually change how you look at life. Practice gratitude and self-forgiveness. Open yourself to all the good stuff! Self-doubt, indecisiveness, and heartaches can slow down your progress. 

Take it one step at a time. Release the tension and let your mind wander to your deepest thoughts. Making this a habit is almost impossible if you’re constantly preoccupied, but it’s possible, of course, with the help of a supportive circle. Surround yourself with supportive, inspiring people as you chase happiness, mindfulness, and success.

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Soul Alchemy TV aims to help, inspire and motivate people to create their best lives and businesses. Every episode is a journey of healing, discovery, and alchemy, inspiring viewers to leave the past behind them and embrace their learnings. Live in the moment and take responsibility for your life.

In the first episode, Suzi will tell you about herself and what you can expect from the show. She’ll help you realize that you also can change your life through alchemy, and she’s more than willing to be your guide. This is the beginning of your journey toward passion and purpose. 

Suzi Edwards is an intuitive transformational business coach dedicated to helping clients build a soul-aligned, profitable biz. She’ll help you step into your goddess power. She combines practical coaching tools with spiritual practices, including Tarot, Akashic Records, The Moon, Pendulum Healing, and more.

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Everyday Woman: Heal Your Soul for Long-Term Success

Becoming a part of a community provides an ongoing sense of belonging and support. You get to learn from others and, in turn, offer knowledge that can help those who are struggling to move forward. But as we go on with our lives, we get busier and forget the value of close friendships and building connections with like-minded people. 

The stronger your support system is, the more fruitful your life journey will be. So share that calm, positive energy with people who matter. Besides spending time with loved ones, meet new friends who can provide further enlightenment and inspiration. 

The ladies of the Everyday Woman community can do just that! We are part of your self-improvement journey, meditation, and beyond. Every moment with your new friends can result in positive changes in yourself, ultimately contributing to a successful business and personal development journey. 

My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. We’re here to support women in growing their businesses and improving their personal lives. 

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