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Necole F. Turner’s The Beautiful Butterfly Project: Live a Life of Passion and Purpose

Passion and purpose are crucial to building a fulfilling life. Knowing your “why” helps you keep your focus and stay on track, especially during the most challenging times. Are you feeling lost right now?! Begin your journey to self-awareness and pursue your road to passion and success. 

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in a busy routine and lose sight of the things that truly matter. Several female professionals spend most of their time working to pay the bills, managing households, running their businesses, and engaging in other activities not aligned with their passion. This can eventually lead to burnout, frustration and dissatisfaction.

Through The Beautiful Butterfly Project, Necole Turner will help you blossom into a happier, more passionate YOU. She’ll inspire you to get to know yourself more, embrace your potential and make the most out of your life. Every episode of her show serves as a guide toward self-discovery and personal growth. 

The Road to Self-Awareness and Passion

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your actions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and anything else that makes up who you are. When you’re self-aware, you better understand your strengths, weaknesses, desires, passion, and core values. 

You become aware of what’s happening inside your heart and mind, helping you become more well-rounded and competent. Moreover, you better connect with other people, understanding their feelings and unique perspectives. 

Self-aware people make more informed decisions and actions that align well with their authentic selves. So strive for self-awareness and focus on what truly matters to you. Every day is a chance for you to reconnect with your inner self. 

Once you have strengthened your connection with yourself, you can pursue your passion and open up new opportunities in every aspect of your life. Authenticity provides you with the foundation necessary to pursue a happier lifestyle. Do you feel like something is missing from your life?! 

Think about the things you love to do. Consider the things you loved doing as a child. Did you enjoy writing poetry or watercolor painting as a kid?! Try activities that you used to do when you were younger. At the same time, be open to new adventures and possibilities. 

For some people, pursuing passions can last for many years, so prepare for a lengthy self-discovery journey. First, make time for the things that you love. Then, let them blossom into wonderful habits. Never hesitate to try new things. You never know what you might enjoy or be good at until you try it. 

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Watch The Beautiful Butterfly Project’s First Episode Now

The Beautiful Butterfly Project is a collaboration of voices who help give insight into how to turn personal trauma into triumph and eventually use it to fuel the pursuit of passion and purpose. It helps people develop different strategies to empower themselves in life and business. Watch each episode and go through a life-changing, transformative experience.

The Beautiful Butterfly Project, hosted by Necole F. Turner, gives others the courage to share their experiences through the POWER of individuals sharing their own! In the first episode of the third season, Necole talks to Kevin Neal, an inspiring telecommunications engineer, father, husband, and grandfather. 

He’s also a coach offering workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking to individuals and organizations. Kevin shares his passion and experiences, reminding us to strive to be authentic and pursue our purpose. His interview serves as an encouragement to push through adversity and turn hardships into something extraordinary. 

Necole is an Atlanta-based coach, author, and podcaster whose life motto is “the best gift to offer others is knowledge” it is her heart’s work. She can guide you in navigating life’s challenges with greater confidence and resilience. Soon, you’ll be able to transform like a butterfly. Something beautiful can emerge from a challenging, painful process!

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Everyday Woman: Build a Passion-Driven Life

Being part of a community can shape your life and career. Exchanging ideas with a new friend can be a magical moment, nurturing collaboration and introducing you to fresh perspectives. Who knows?! You may even meet your future best friends and business partners! 

Whether you want to fulfill professional or personal goals, being with like-minded people can give you the knowledge, inspiration, and support you need to succeed. You’re not alone in your everyday struggles! Make positive changes in your life with the Everyday Woman community.

My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. We’re here to support women in growing their businesses and improving their personal lives. 

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