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Everyday Woman TV Channel: Home to Shows That Inspire, Uplift and Heal

When you’re an online business owner, your success depends heavily on widening your reach and the type of content you create (from social media to emails, yes!). And to create a content and visibility strategy that works, you need to be inspired and motivated. But there are times when you’ll run out of ideas and wonder what your next step will be. That’s normal, and every entrepreneur has faced that situation even though I have been working online for years! 

So how do we get through this? Apart from researching and learning from other business owners, there’s another thing you can do. Here’s an idea you probably never thought of – something you never thought could bring you that much-needed strength – being part of a beautiful community that motivates you to be successful. Also, watch shows that inspire you to improve your mindset. I suggest watching Arlene Inspires: The Wellness Newscast for feel-good, informative content. 

Arlene Inspires: The Wellness Newscast: A Show for Women Who Need Uplifting, Healing and Empowerment

If you’re into feel-good content and want to learn more about physical and mental health care, Arlene Inspires: The Wellness Newscast will be your favorite. It’s a breath of fresh air! You’ll know more about how to nurture a more motivated you so that you can improve your life for the better.

Arlene Rivera, the show host, is such a great person to learn from. She’s an author, speaker, legislative consultant, and intuitive/medium coach. She created The Arlene Inspires Organization to offer people a space to heal, empower and uplift. Arlene is a uniquely talented and gifted individual who left her career in the private sector, broadcasting, politics, and government to help make a more significant impact on humanity. 

Watch Arlene Inspires: The Wellness Newscast and other Everyday Woman TV Channel shows on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and mobile devices. More platforms are being added soon. Learn more about Everyday Woman TV here.  

Watch Arlene’s Episodes for Feel-Good Content

In her show, Arlene shares positive information about neuroscience, wellbeing, and mental and physical health. You’ll love listening to them every day. It’s also a safe place to discuss difficult topics such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and even human trafficking.

In one episode, she had the pleasure of interviewing Pete Sanders Jr., the founder of Free Soul Sedona. He shares a very cool scientific perspective on spirituality as a whole and touches on spirit guides and ESP. You will love it!

You + Me = Community

Arlene and I are part of a bigger community that connects women to inspire one another and learn from each other. Being part of a big community gives us a greater purpose and a chance to connect with more people who inspire and support us. I’ve always felt more encouraged to work when surrounded by people I can learn a lot from, whether it’s about making content, running a business, or personal life experiences. 

Meeting like-minded people is good not only for business but for our personal growth. That’s precisely the reason why my business BFF, Galit Ventura-Rozen, and I created Everyday Woman. To help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women, allowing them to get more clients, grow their brand, and earn more income for their families. We are a collaborative community, joining together to support, inspire, and build each other’s success every day!

Galit and I passionately believe that being part of a community is necessary to achieve the lives every one of us as women are capable of building. We started Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020. We saw the need for support and motivation for women more than ever, and we want to help more women entrepreneurs succeed in their professional and personal lives.

And now we are connecting and inspiring one another on a whole new level. 

Introducing the Everyday Woman TV Channel

Everyday Woman TV is a channel dedicated to inspiring women through various TV shows hosted and produced by exceptional female entrepreneurs. It debuted its first season on November 1, 2021, with shows inspiring and motivating women business owners to succeed against the odds. 

Our first season is filled with inspiration, encouragement, and learnings from successful women business owners. From a show on mental health care and on finding balance in life to creating business partnerships and achieving a better mindset, there is content for every woman who needs life lessons and business encouragement. 


Angela & Galit