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A breath of fresh air! A short newscast packed with positive and feel good content related to neuroscience, wellbeing, mental and physical health. At Arlene Inspires you will have the knowing this is a safe program to find information on mental health, sexual abuse, domestic violence, addiction and relevant topics affecting all generations

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Arlene Inspires – Episode 04

Arlene Inspires – Episode 04

Welcome to arlene inspires 2022 from beautiful Vail Colorado I welcome a new opportunity to start fresh, to make amends, to heal ourselves and to reflect on our own integrity. I almost started this show with the usual. You know, the tips to be successful in business, mindset, lose weight etcetera.. but I caught myself. Instead, I am choosing to talk about healing our fragmented parts of self,
A mind at ease improves health and general wealth. Let's focus on health for just a moment..in order to heal our physical bodies we must work on our emotional, mental and etheric bodies. This is why I put the spotlight on cancer, an illness that is not going away. I spoke with Teri Askew, who was diagnosed with cancer stages 3 and 4. Her determination to survive and her unique approaches to heal herself were in alignment with my beliefs. We discussed nutrition, toxic mental patterns, relationships and how not to panic, when you receive the diagnosis.
I also discuss healing trauma, split energy, living life from a place of integrity to take responsibility from what we source and more! To a great 2022 and beyond! Once we heal ourselves the rest falls all into place, then you can focus on mindset tips, business success, weight loss and all the other dogma worries. I can promise you that if you do the deep work, the rest won't matter because it will all fall into place : )

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Arlene Rivera

Arlene is a Speaker, Legislative Consultant, Author and an Intuitive/Medium Coach. She created The Arlene Inspires Organization to offer a safe space to heal, empower and uplift. Arlene is a uniquely talented and gifted individual who left her career in the private sector, broadcasting, politics, and government to help make an even bigger impact on humanity.

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