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The Big Girl Adventure Life Show is dedicated to inspire plus size confidence through adventure. The goal is to show that plus-size women can be adventurous and thrive in the outdoors. We believe that when we see more full figured woman represented in the adventure industry we’ll inspire more to get out of their comfort zone and find their right size adventure.

Big G.A.L is a safe space where you can freely share your own personal experiences, have relatable discussions with other like-minded women, and improve your self-development skills in all areas of your life.

My hope is that through videos and social sharing posts, plus size women everywhere will feel empowered as they embark on their own adventures into the world around them.

Join us as we feature Plus Size Adventurer Interviews, how-tos/tips, and reviews to get you inspired!

Featured Episodes


Get to know Big Girl Adventure Life and how it’s going to help you! In the episode we’ll discuss just who Big G.A.L is for and what taking adventures is really about.

Then we are going to take our first adventure a walk on a newer trail system on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Come along as we embark on our first journey together!


Being plus size can sometimes be tough but dealing with it and living your life on your terms makes it life worthwhile. Hear Maralana’s plus size story and then take a walk in the park


Lifestyle interview with Nikki Klein, professional snowbird instructor and solo backpacker


In this episode Maralana takes a Mermaid swimming lesson from Tia Spiers, Adventure Scuba. Come along as she shimmies in to her tail and tries find the proper tail kick


In this episode Rachael Gareri, Founder of Fat Babes in the Wild, sits down to chat with us about Fat Babes mission and her story that led her there.


In this episode Maralana takes us to Adventure Scuba to gear up for the 3 part dive series. Here they set her up with everything she needs for her first day in the water.


In this episode Maralana chats with Kara Hardman from WNdR Outdoors and participant in the documentary KiliBig. They talk about taking on Kilimanjaro and doing things outside being plus size


In this episode, Maralana takes the scuba gear she was set up with in episode 6 to the pool to learn how to set it up and takes her first pool dive.


In this episode Tia Spears comes back for a second Plus Size mermaid lesson with Maralana. This time we are in outdoor pool.


In this episode we chat with Arlette Laan “Apple Pie”, the first woman to complete the 11 national trails. We’ll talk about her journey and address how she overcame the naysayers and body comments that came with social media fame

About Maralana Shindelbower

Plus Size, Confidence Coach, and founder of Go. Do. Be she creates community and inspires woman of size to find their Confidence through adventure.