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Letha’s Real Talk seeks to address concerns in society while promoting hope and positive change for people from all walks of life. This show is about communicating and constantly informing normal everyday people from a normal everyday person. Letha’s Real Talk is about staying engaged with as many people as possible, while addressing or educating on topics the audience feels needs to discussed or addressed.

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Letha’s Real talk – Episode 4

Letha’s Real talk – Episode 4

In this episode Letha encourages everyone to focus on personal mental health. Letha understands there are many people who deal with mental struggles while doing the best they can while balancing the life they want others to see. Letha also understands the severity and the detriment of not protecting "your own" mental peace, mental well-being, and mental happiness. This episode is purposed to give ease to anyone who chooses their mental state.

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Letha Goodman

Letha Goodman is a community activist, who’s goal is to have an insightful impact on every person she comes in contact with.

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