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Bring a cup of coffee and join Lollo Molander for an inside-out discussion about life, leadership and business success.

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Welcome to the Brilliance Café. I’m Lollo Molander, and I’m here with my Daily Cuppa.

What is the Brilliance Café?

There’s an innate power in women that, when it’s unlocked and unleashed, becomes unstoppable. That’s happening when a self-actualized woman leads herself in the world, in her world, and the world of others.

I think the world is ready for self-actualized women to live and lead from a place of courage, curiosity, presence, and joy. I, you, and we lead shoulder by shoulder to better our world, our planet, and we foster leadership that focuses on Brilliance, not competition and drama.

That’s what the Brilliance Café is about, and that’s the kind of conversation we will have here. I am so happy to be welcoming you to the Brilliance Café, so tune in to our next episode.


Bring your favorite cuppa and join Liselotte Molander in a discussion about goalsetting. In this episode, she will talk about some common mistakes and illusions stopping us from reaching goals without the hustle and the problem with setting SMART goals for your business. Liselotte will introduce a new way of adding desire to the process and impacting your results.


Women lose a lot of power and the precious life force as they agree to things they don’t really want to commit to. Learning the fine art of making impeccable agreements, keeping them, and communicating them help you stand in your full power and become a manifesting master. It’s easy to oversee this tiny detail, but you will notice an immediate sense of increased life force and aligned energy when you implement it into your daily life.

Bring your Cuppa and join Lollo Molander in this next episode of the Brilliance Café.

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Ta en fika-paus med Lollo Molander och få nya inspirerande tankar om liv och ledarskap.

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About Lollo Molander

Lollo Molander, an executive creative strategist and speaker that helps hustling entrepreneurs unleash boundless brilliance so they can excel in life and business. For over 20 years she’s been supporting leaders and their teams to take responsibility for their life and goals and equip them with the tools to achieve those outcomes in half the time and without exhaustion.