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Your Breakthrough… How to change your life and have fun! Personal and Business

Understanding limiting beliefs and how they have prevented you from stepping into your purpose.

The tools to break through those blockers and embrace the accelerators to move you forward.

Introduce the habits and systems you can use to feel more empowered and achieve the life you want while having fun.

Featured Episodes


Welcome to the Optimal Life Balance show with Coach Vicki, and find out how you learn to start building new habits.


Do what you love! In your career.

If not following your purpose, learn how to start making changes and take action to achieve those goals.


Learn how to do a brain dump and plan and prioritize your action steps.

Guide you through get organized and planning out you monthly, week, and daily so you can add your new goals and not feel overwhelmed.


Overcoming blockers like laziness or is it fear to take the action steps needed and start having fun.


What are Limiting Beliefs, and where do they come from?

I share some tips to break through those limiting beliefs with daily action.

About Vicki Viccora

I work with female entrepreneurs and coaches that feel overwhelmed with their businesses and set up systems while having fun stepping into being a CEO