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We will go over limiting beliefs and how they have helped you back throughout the shows. It will cover the blockers you need to overcome and the accelerators to move you forward.

Then introduce the tools and systems that you can use to feel more empowered and achieve that life you are looking for while having fun.

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About Vicki Viccora

Vick is a Business Strategist and Empower Coach. She works with female entrepreneurs starting up a business or who have been in business and feel overwhelmed with the daily routine.
Her specialty is helping them discover the blocks that hold them back from success while at the same time helping them find the accelerators that propel them forward in the best direction. They will build up new habits and systems to achieve their goals.

Vicki is an overcomer and has experienced her life transformation. As a result, she has grown strong in her faith, taken control of her health by losing 150 pounds, and developed a positive mindset, which has helped her become more self-assured and step in as a Certified Oola Life Coach, Best Seller Author, Speaker, and Course Creator.