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We will discuss how to break into the fashion or consumer goods industry, how to launch your own fashion or consumer goods brand, how to navigate design, sourcing, overseas production, and bring a product to market, and much more!

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Fashion Fast Lane – Episode #2

Fashion Fast Lane – Episode #2

Hi! This is Tara from Fashion Fast Lane. This segment is for people who have a start-up brand in the fashion or consumer goods industry or are thinking about starting up a new brand. If you are a start-up company it is important that you know who your competition is in the marketplace before you launch your product offering. As a small company, you most likely do not have the budget to pay a market research company to do the research for you. This video will share some proactive and practical tips that you can implement to learn more about your competition. By learning more about your competition, it will allow you to position your product offering and refine your marketing strategy to have a better chance of success.If you have any questions you can reach us at www.tarasauvage.com

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Tara Sauvage

Tara started in the fashion industry as a footwear designer for a Chinese company in East Los Angeles. Her career took her on a journey of designing leather bags and belts for high-profile fashion brands. After 15 years of designing handbags and fashion accessories for corporate brands, Tara launched her own private label design business, Sauvage Private Label.

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