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You Can Have It All

Are you tired of feeling torn in two directions – or more? Is the constant pressure between family and career, work and home slowly killing your soul? Here’s the hard truth friend – you can have it all, you just can’t do it all!

In Leslie T. Mitchell’s groundbreaking new show, You Can Have It All, she shows you just how you can create a balanced life, full of joy, and how to minimize and delegate your pains! You won’t want to miss it!

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Who Said You Couldn’t Have It All? – Episode 02

Who Said You Couldn’t Have It All? – Episode 02

In this episode the question is raised who said you couldn’t have it all? Who told you that you couldn’t live BIG, think BIG, dream BIG, and do BIG? We will unveil those things that hold us back from going after the life we truly want and deserve. Such as fear, not knowing your why, feeling guilty for desiring more and your belief system.

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Leslie Mitchelle

Leslie T Mitchell is a transformational leader, mindset coach, and entrepreneur. Her vision is to transform lives, her mantra is to never settle.

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