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Helen Vella’s Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future: Embrace Your Past for a Brighter Future

Use yesterday’s learnings as motivation and inspiration to push forward and live life to the fullest. Your past shouldn’t define you, but there are circumstances in the past that still affect what we do today. Think about this. Whatever you did yesterday, last week, last month, last year, or decades ago contributed to who you are today.

Are you scared to reflect on your past experiences? No one’s perfect, so you’re sure to remember frustrations and misfortunes once in a while. How do you feel?! Even after so many years, many people still obsess over and feel down about their past choices. They associate the past with negativity and refuse to see its positive points. 

The past doesn’t always equate to fear, disappointments and downfalls. Rather than dwell in the dark aspects of your past, focus on turning negativity into valuable learnings. Whether or not it turned out great, your past is part of who you are today. 

The challenge now is understanding the connection between your past and present and how it can impact your future. Helen Vella’s new show, Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future, teaches different strategies for knowing the reasons behind your every choice and action based on what happened in the past. 

You Make Your Own Future, You Define Your Own Past

Your past doesn’t necessarily define your present and future. It can mirror today and tomorrow, but only if you let it. It’s true that, to a certain extent, our present is a result of our previous choices and actions. But the truth is, you create your present and future based on your past learnings.

Have you hurt people and didn’t have enough confidence way back? Have you neglected your studies, health, and finances? These are undeniably distressing circumstances. However, you need to see them as valuable lessons that can shape your future to move forward. 

Despite the magnitude of these events, look at them positively. You’re wiser now because of these challenges. If you refuse to see the lessons that came with these battles, you won’t be able to make better decisions and choices.

If there are no self-improvements, learnings, and realizations, you may go through these terrible experiences again. Even if these struggles happened decades ago, moving on can take longer. 

Dealing with negative thoughts is more difficult now that you’re older, as you’re dealing with increased responsibilities at home and in the workplace. You have to stay mentally healthy and motivated for the people around you, especially your family. Changing perspectives is not easy. 

We’ve all been there. And to find our way out of this awful situation, we need to consider ourselves survivors, not victims. This mindset frees us from the negative thoughts that keep playing in our heads. Instead, we have to start with a clean slate – a refreshed mind and a motivated soul. 

Once you achieve this, you can revisit your past experiences and gain new perspectives. Understand the relationship between your past and present and how the former influences your actions today.  

It’s devastating that so many people are dwelling on their tragic pasts, unable to see how they contributed to their resilient selves today and how it can play a role in their future success. 

Are you having a hard time reconciling your past with your present? Helen is here to help you let go of previous letdowns, put your learnings into practice, focus on your present decisions, and live your best life.

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Watch Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future’s First Episode Now

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future is a safe space for everyone who wants to make a resounding forward growth in their lives. Through this show, we can learn how to embrace and understand our past in a way that helps us grow. 

In the first episode, Helen introduces herself, what she does and what her show is all about. For her, every aspect of our past affects our choices today. Some of them are positive. Others not so much. The show will go through some of these events and interview people to lend insight on the matter. 

Helen is a renowned author, speaker, and coach. She has been dealing with clients for more than 30 years now, helping them with growth mindset, emotional intelligence, energy healing, creative mind mapping, networking, and communication. 

She’s here to teach you different strategies of learning how to know the reasons behind your choices today based on what you did in the past. 

Watch Your Past Does Not Define Your Future Now

Everyday Woman: Let Your Bright Future Be Filled With New, Healthy Relationships 

When you’re constantly feeling bad about your past, your day-to-day routine gets disrupted. Unfortunately, this also results in poor mental and emotional health, as you cannot recover and heal from what happened before. It becomes even more impossible to run a business with unresolved emotional turmoil. 

We all go through this process. You need to strengthen your support system by building long-lasting relationships. Get inspired by successful, like-minded individuals. There’s nothing like having understanding mentors, role models, and confidants who constantly help us improve and live happier lives. 

Excited to meet new friends and connect with other industry professionals? Attend local networking gatherings and community events to meet awesome people! 

My business BFF Galit Ventura-Rozen and I established Everyday Woman at the height of the pandemic in 2020 to help female business owners connect with a greater group of professional women. 

Together with Helen, we can help you rise from the ashes, set new goals, and work hard to achieve them. We’re here not only to support women grow their businesses but also to improve their personal lives. 

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