Conversations with Dileesa: Let Music Inspire and Encourage You

Music makes us happy and inspired. Whenever we feel down and lonely, we turn to our favorite song to distract ourselves from all the negative feelings. Listening to our favorite melodies can make a positive difference in our mental state, triggering a release of the feel-good hormone dopamine in our brains.  Music is a source […]

Maralana’s The Big Girl Adventure Life Show: Go on an Adventure to Nurture Self Love

Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. No matter your dress size, you deserve to be loved and accepted. Plus-size women are beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But in a world full of judgment and prejudice, we tend to lose self-esteem, think badly of ourselves, and lose self-confidence.  Today, several women are […]

Jenae Reid’s Own Your Throne: Become a Successful Woman in Business

Women face various challenges in business, and despite everything they endure every day, very few manage to succeed and find the fulfillment they deserve. Because of this, those who are just starting fail to summon the motivation needed to achieve their professional and personal goals. More than 11 million businesses in the United States are […]

Lisa Hernandez’s Bliss Transformation: The Key to Happy, Authentic Living

Genuinely happy and successful people smile all the time and take on the best opportunities at the right time. They obviously have greater control of their lives than those who are figuring things out. When you’re in a good place, you feel happier, motivated, and inspired, ready to take on whatever challenge life throws.  Is […]

Leslie T. Mitchell’s You Can Have It All: Chase Your Goals and Transform Your Life

What’s stopping you from achieving your goals? First, don’t give up just yet. I know that setting new personal and professional goals once in a while can be difficult, especially if you have failed many, many times before. But achieving your dreams is absolutely possible. Yes, you can succeed and have it all! After experiencing […]

Letha Goodman’s Real Talk: Be Kinder to Yourself

Small acts of kindness can make a huge difference to people experiencing difficult times. No matter how small, a simple gesture can make a meaningful impact on someone else’s life. And you know what, it’s a win-win situation. When we lend a helping hand, we feel happy and satisfied because, in our little way, we […]

Hope Long’s Self Improvement for Women: Be the Best Version of Yourself

When we think about what we want in life, we picture ourselves being financially stable and having a great time with family. As for how we’ll achieve these goals, each her own path. The magical success formula varies, but one factor will always be there. Self-improvement goals will always be part of every success equation.  […]